Put the FUN in FUNdraising!!

thesportsraffle.com takes Fundraising to a Whole New Level.  Easy, Profitable, Engaging and Entertaining. A New take on the Traditional 50/50 Raffle.  It’s Fundraising like no other, with a Fantasy Sports like Twist!  Perfect for Charities, Foundations, Athletic Departments, Teams, Booster Clubs, any qualified Organization, and sports fans of all types.

Instead of the everyday Raffle where a drawn ticket determines the winner, thesportsraffle.com entry buys a random selection of 3 or more Teams. Raffle Administrators select the Sport, Level, League and Conferences for each Raffle.  

Your randomly selected teams’ cumulative scores, points, goals or runs during the Raffle Period determine the winners. Opportunities to pay up to 5 Places or even last place can win.  Set it up for multiple Raffles, (daily, weekly, monthly) allowing for more winners.  Run a season long Raffle and have larger payouts.  The most FUN your Fans will have all season long, except for winning a Championship!

Check out Active Raffles, 50% of all revenues generated must benefit a 501(c)3 as designated by that Team.