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Putnam City Soccer

Raffle Periods:

Round 1: 2/1-28/21 (Winner: ldhicks173 – $100)  Round 2: 3/1-31/21 (Winners: edlynn, sgreenokc, dall9 – $100 split)

Round 3: 4/1-30/21 (Winner: Irraalex – $100)  Round 4: 5/1-23/21 (Winner: Mikeyt18 – $100)    

Season 2nd Half Raffle:  2/1/-5/23/21

1st Place: Mikeyt18 – $424.95 2nd Place: Mikeyt18 – $212.48 3rd Place: ldhicks – $127.49 Last Place: tpsharp11 – $84.99

Winning Amount Calculator:

Rounds 1-4: 1st-$100   Season 2nd Half Raffle: *1st-$425 / 2nd-$212 / 3rd-$127 / Last $85


*Prize amounts based upon entries as of 3.12.21.  Odds of First Prize 1.2%.  Prize amounts increase and odds of winning decrease with each entry.

Contestants entering the Putnam City Soccer Raffle receive 3 Random Teams per entry from the Premier League
Winners are determined by Contestant’s Teams Total Points scored during each Raffle Period.  Entry Begins on Date Purchased.  Each Entry is active for all current and subsequent Raffle Periods.  Click here to view current Raffle Standings!

Raffle Details 

wdt_ID Join Today! Start Date Buy In # of Raffle Periods Payout Breakdown Raffle Period End Date Administrator Charity Email % of Revenue Paid to Winner(s) Primary Team Color Secondary Team Color URL Link Raffle Sport
1 02.01.2021 $10.00 5 1 Place 100% Monthly 05.23.2021 Eddie Wright Putnam City Pirates Soccer EddieW@putnamcityschools.org 20 Orange Black https://thesportsraffle.com/putnam-city-soccer/ Premier League

How To Play

Click Here to Join the Putnam City Pirate Soccer Raffle!

The Putnam City Pirate Soccer Raffle is also a Sweepstakes Contest.  To view the Rules governing the Putnam City Pirate Soccer Sweepstakes Entry Rules Click Here!

Teams earn points per the Scoring Chart below
  • WIN = 3 Points
  • DRAW/TIE = 1 Point
  • GOALS SCORED = 1 Point per Goal
  • 0-0 DRAW will earn each Team 1 Point (No Points awarded for Clean Sheet/Shutout)